Vincenzo Chiesa: lettera ad un soldato americano

L’ospite Vincenzo Chiesa, dopo aver ottenuto l’indirizzo dall’ambasciatore americano in Italia, scrive a Walter Granecki conosciuto durante le azioni di guerriglia partigiana in Valle Sabbia.

Tra i due è nato un rapporto di amicizia così forte da superare le barriere del tempo e della lontananza.


Pralboino (Brescia) 15 th March 2004

Mr. Walter Granecki
4800 Edwards rd
Raleigh North Carolina 2712

My dear friend Walter,
This is your italian friend “Pino”; we met in Italy in July 1944, at the height of the Second World War.
You had fled from Mantova hospital and had come to the mountains to become a member of the Italian Partisans who were making guerrilla against the Nazi-Fascists, do you remember? We met in Valle Sabbia and you ran away with me and the Partisans.
I had your address from the American Ambassador in Italy, Mr Mel Sembler, and I wrote you a letter last February 2003, but I didn’t receive any answer.
I also phoned you at least 6 or 7 times and I recognized your voice, but we weren’t able either to speak or to understand each other.
I had the sensation that you aren’t healthy and I beg you to write to me, only a mere card if you want, or I beg you to let your relatives (or those people living with you) write to me to let me know that you are alive and you are not too bad.
Do you remember our adventures? When we attacked the power plant in Vobarno? Do you remember that german soldier who shot at our group and killed our friend Fabio? Do you remember our retreat in Teglie?
Then we separated and you crossed the whole Itay on foot to cross the battle lines so as to come back to America.
Then you returned to Europe in Berlin from where you came to Brescia to stay with me a couple of days.
All these things can’t be forgotten and surely reinforced our friendship.
Please write to me soon, or let somebody else to write to me from your part; write in your own language if you want, and I will be able to have it translated.

With my kindest regards

Forever yours

This is my address:

Dr Vincenzo Chiesa
Casa di Riposo “Longini-Morelli”
Via Morelli, 10
25020 PRALBOINO (Brescia) ITALY

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